An Adieu to PGP2

Posted: March 7, 2009 in Class of 2009, Class of 2010, Farewell, Goodbye, IIM Indore, PGP2

They were our seniors, they were our mentors, they were our tutors, they were our guiding stars, but above all, they were, are and will always stay our closest pals!
No words could suffice to convey our regards to them. We can all just try to make an attempt….and so will I.

July 2008 was the beginning of a new phase for all of us. As we entered the gates of IIM Indore with many hopes, wishes, dreams and above all – anxious feelings. I still remember the first individual of PGP2 whom I met. None other than the great Saravanan, who was compiling a list with details of all the new members of the IIMI family. A list which we all use even today. The anxiousness increased when we were asked to assemble in the seminar hall, at close to midnight! Believe me, that was just the start. A session of introductions, which many complain was not the best, but I’m sure they tried their best.

The next few days were quite a memory – the best possible way to mingle two batches that will spend the next 1 school year together. You may have failed once but some of us got a taste of your creativity again (Honestly, you guys just can’t quit can you?). Lets face it , those were the best days ever… with a DJ party to end the great start.

Life soon became hectic with actual lectures and once again – pain in the ass assignments, but then again you’re not in an IIM for nothing. I probably shouldn’t detail out how seniors have been an immense help in academics, but let’s just say “Seek Duplicate Change”.
It wasn’t just academics, these guys were awesome mentors throughout the Summer Placement processes – who else would go through your resumes 5-6 times!

They passed on the culture of IIM Indore (however dull or rich it may be), they made us feel lively in one of the most boring corners of Indore, or should I say Rau. They showed us every hang out spot (if you can call them that) nearby. These guys were always running off to those rare classes at ODD times, but they were always in for a match or two of cricket/basketball/footbal/TT. I can’t comment too much on what happened in A-Block (no I don’t mean A Top floor) but I’m sure they had they’re own parties and gossips. Life out here was interesting to say the least…. We even had our own “Cute little Ambassador”…. Yes, I mean Arav. We’re all gonna miss you buddy.

We’ve had our differences, egos and cold wars but then again, what’s life withouf a few complaints? I guess what bonded us the most, was the endless cribbing about the profs and the insti rules (even the best places can be made to look like the worst :))

The batches have been much bigger in IIMs these days, and I’m sure none of us in PGP1 knew all the 174 (probably not even all 18 girls for that matter) of you, but we’ve all had our own near and dear friends. I am sure that “Melting Pot” won’t be the same without you, nor will be the hostel corridors/quadrangles. You may not be around to see us through the next year, but your memories will forever remain with us and talk us through the tough times…. We will all miss you and hope to see you at Footprints 09′.

On behalf of everyone in PGP1, I’d like to wish each one of you farewell and good luck.

—- Ravi Mehta
Class of 2010

P.S. Do add as comments, any memories which you’d like to remember forever or would like others to know about.


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