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This October 2nd, the people of Indore took a strong initiative and proclaimed to the world that they have not been blemished by the recent violence across the city. As a tribute to the great Mahatma, 5000+ people were found participating in the Indore Marathon organized by IIM Indore. This event was to help create a platform where the people of Indore could unite and express their concern and tolerance. It also helped to create mutual affection among fellow residents.

The marathon, which started at 7 am, consisted of two runs-a 10km peace run and a 3 km celebratory run. It was a measure of a person’s mental and physical stamina. The runners were a mixture of teenagers, youngsters and senior citizens; students and corporates. There were serious runners as well as people who were out there to make a difference and enjoy. I’m sure even Gandhi’s statue at Regal Square would’ve felt like coming down and being a part of the cause. As many of us believe, his soul was surely with us that morning.

The 1st prize, a Honda Stunner, was bagged by Mr. Vijay Yadav, who finished the 10 km run in a mere 38 minutes. In the Female category, Ms. Smita walked away with the honors. There were other prizes as well, such as an LCD TV, a laptop, mobile phones, etc.

The event saw 200 odd IIM Indore students volunteering for the event in addition to another 100 NCC cadets assisting them. The main sponsor for the event was ACC Cements.The participants expressed their solidarity and felt that there should be more events on similar lines. The echoing “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” at the close of the event spoke loads regarding the resolve of my fellow Indories.

Now, let me rewind a bit for you….

This event was conceptualized months back in the minds of a few PGP2 students at IIM Indore. From then on there was no looking back. The entire IIMI community was involved with the event in some form or the other. There were student groups handling media coverage, sponsorship, operations and most importantly Participation. Around 50 students, in teams of 2, went to almost 55 schools, colleges and corporate offices in Indore to create awareness and enthusiasm for the event.
On the eve of the event, IIM Indore did not sleep! There were participants involved in tracking the route, putting up banners and signs, arranging check points and Food & Beverage stalls, etc. IIMI’s bus was doing multiple runs across Rau and SGITS, bringing more hands for the event. It was a great learning experience for many of us at Planet I, and it brought us all together for ONE CAUSE.
Come 7 am and the people of Indore responded to our efforts and kept our smiles alive. I salute you Indore and applaud you all for the love and concern you’ve shown for our city. Long live Indore, Long live Peace!

To view some more snaps taken during the Marathon, please click on the link below:


I’m sure that on hearing the word aperture all sorts of thoughts regarding Physics come to some of our minds. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to discuss any Science in this post.
But it’s about another aspect of aperture, and that’s the modern digital camera or DG-CAM as many of us call it. You would be amazed to see how the true beauty of any object can be enhanced with digital editing, yes I mean software like Photoshop.I’m sure we all agree that the olden day cameras have become antiques and the photo rolls have all become a thing of the past. Digital cameras are better, cheaper and have a much higher utility.With digital pictures,came the idea of photo editing, which has created whole new avenues to explore for the photography-lovers.
Now you’re wondering,Why am I talking about all this on an IIMI blog?? Well, I hope my previous post “Beyond Acads @ Planet-I” gave you a taste of our extra-curricular activities. But that post was just the beginning.You would be amazed to see the numerous talented photographers we have on campus, hiding under the Managerial veil.But, “Aperture” has set out to discover and kindle the dormant passion inside participants at Planet-I.
Aperture is a club run by a few people on campus who are enthusiastic about photography.This club conducts workshops and competitions for anyone who may be interested.In the past, there have been “Best Pic of the Month” competitions and the response has been phenomenal.Another thing which Aperture has done is that it has brought out the beauty of our serene campus which will be evident from some of the photos I’ve posted below.I’ve mentioned the name of the participant who has contributed the snap below each photo.I’m sure you’ll agree that all of them should get a big round of applause and some comments from viewers..Love to hear your views. Hats off to you guys!!

For Full-size view,click on the pic… 🙂

Photographed by : Rakesh T. (Batch of 2010)

Photographed by : Kishan Kariappa (Batch of 2010)

Photographed by : Rakesh T. (Batch of 2010)

Photographed by : Rishi Ramesh Pathak (Batch of 2010)

Photographed by : Rakesh T. (Batch of 2010)

Photographed by : Kishan Kariappa (Batch of 2010)

Photographed by : Rakesh T. (Batch of 2010)

Photographed by : Rakesh T. (Batch of 2010)

Beyond Acads @ Planet-I

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Extra-curricular

The i-clubs at IIM Indore are the heart and soul of everything that happens outside the academic arena. Ask any student at IIMI and you’ll be told that there are at least 2 to 3 events being conducted every week by the various clubs. These are in addition to the various activities organised by different committees of the institute. If an image of long and boring sessions of talks is coming to your mind, then think again. These clubs and their events have a good mix of fun & knowledge to assure that at Planet-I every participant is involved. These clubs are not social warehouses of all talk and no deeds. They’re true instruments of innovation and creativity along with application. And the best part is that it’s a complete student run initiative. If you don’t believe me, then just read on for a short journey into the life at IIMI.
IIMI has a balance of clubs to represent all sectors. There’s Currenc-I targeting international business and economics, the E&C club focusing on 2 huge domains of management- Entrepreneurship and Consultancy, Pragat-I which is a social welfare and development initiative and the Quiz club meant for the masters of riddles. But that’s not the end. There are Mercur-I, Equit-I, Infinit-I and Operand-I which focus on Marketing, Finance, IT and Operations respectively.
The clubs are often helping students with various academic related problems, one recent example was the MS-excel workshop organised by Operand-I. These i-clubs have also been giving guidance to students regarding certifications such as NCFM and APICS. The E&C club has started a mentorship program for budding entrepreneurs and in line with that plan to contact the true risk takers in the market to give the students guidance. The club has also encouraged students to participate in the Retail Summit being organised by TiE Delhi Retail SIG next month.
Among some of the most interesting events organised in the past month was “Jumping the product-extension line” by club Mercur-I, which gave students a hands-on experience of advertising. That’s not all. Mercur-I also plans to organise an event tagged “Utsaha” some time in Feb next year, which is promised to be a true festival. The event is actually meant for surveying prospective customers, meant for certain online-projects from the industry.
For those of you who think all this is linked to management, you must explore the Theatre club – Idanim and our very own Quizzing zone head by Tejas Kulkarni. One recent event in which students took great interest, despite heavy rains was 4-play. Yes, it was as good as the name sounds. A collection of spoofs based on various fairy-tales, 4-play was a bag full of nitrous oxide. The quiz club, like many others, organises events in the dead of the night, but you’ll never see an empty hall. Among some of the other events in the past month, there have been the ‘Distribution Game”, “Mantrana” and the paper writing competition “Mudra”. Now you know why Planet-I stays lit till the wee hrs of the morning.
The IIMs have been known for overall skill development, and truly speaking I would give a large part of the credit to these Interest clubs. May the flame of enthusiasm continue to burn at IIM Indore!

The Mafia Game…

Posted: August 15, 2008 in Extra-curricular

First, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Independance Day!
What has been happening at Planet-I today. Well, we had the usual flag hoisting, Director speech and tea. But this year was slightly different. We spent the day out on an informal Mentor-Mentee picnic, a group of almost 300+ students, staff and family members out to Mayank’s Blue Water Park.
There were mixed feelings among students regarding the picnic, some wanting to just stay back and rest, but I guess at the end of the day every1 enjoyed in some way or the other. There were group activities, water sports and of course food..
But I would say, the new attraction of the day was “The Mafia Game”. No guys, we weren’t terrorizing the nation on 15th August. It’s a psychology-based stationary Group Game originally invented by psychology student Dimitry Davidoff in Russia, 1986. The game involves strategy and bluffing. People play as a member of the mafia, police, doctor(or Healer) and town. The object is to eliminate the mafia before they eliminate the entire town. Its a lovely game and if you’re interested, follow the links below:
The game has many variants(“Are you a werewolf?” , “Lupus in Tabula”, “Assassin”, etc.) and you can search online or create your own ways of making the game more complex and interesting.
The game will truly show you how deceptive people can be… and you’ll probably discover new dimensions of your psyche as well. So, enjoy playing guys and I’d love to see your comments on the game.

A scene showing Voting during a game of Mafia

Another scene showing members of the Town sleeping

Our MAFIA team…