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Posted: September 4, 2008 in Great Gurus

There was a bit of sadness at the end of session 24 of OB (Organizational Behavior) yesterday. Saying goodbye (even if it’s temporary) to a great professors is not very easy. You know, HR is probably considered the most boring field of management. But with a person like Prof. S.K.Ghosh around… well, things were quite different. He used to have us captivated throughout the 70 minutes. Of course, there were an odd 2-3 guys dozing off some times. You can’t blame them , Prof. Ghosh used to call it absence of Physiological needs, and would discourage us from waking such people up. :-). We’re like OWLS out here at Planet-I. Prof. SKG is one person the class could really connect with, speak our heart out, even if at times it made no sense. Many of us feel he looks like George Fernandes (much much younger though). A really good sense of humor and an awesome story teller. 🙂
We have changed the name of OB from GAS to GLOBE (One friend of mine even pointed out that the word itself has OB in it).Kinda sounds better, though it’s all the same. Why GAS and GLOBE? Well, the nature of the subject needs you to be creative sometimes.And most of us who are engineers mistake that to be “bullshit” and “global gyan”. I pity Professor Ghosh as well as all other OB and HR profs, for the crap they have to read, but then again,a good laugh can’t do you harm. Then there were occasions of crazy CP (class participation). People blurting out everything they’ve learnt in Moral Science since childhood. It was all great fun.
But let’s leave exams aside for some time. Coz i doubt anyone will get a D in OB (They won’t want to face the embarrassment of that as Prof explained). Prof SKG really created interest in many students to actually read concepts of OB. Unlike sir’s assumption that we never read the text, we actually did sometimes. I’ll never forget some of his examples..
1. A wife comes home after work and with her hand writes on the table,”I love you” for her non-working hubby. Hubby may be happy but what the wife actually meant was- “Can you see the dust on this table”- This was an example to explain Ulterior transaction.
2. And his quote, “Tum bhi maar lo!” to explain “KICK” (games people play), under the life position “I’m not OK, you’re OK”
3. His funny comments on Bengalis; “When 2 bengalis meet anywhere,you’ll have a durga pooja. When you have 3 bengalis, there’ll be 2 durga poojas” 🙂
Though he himself is a Bengali, I guess he’ll still never be able to pronounce Sayani’s name correctly (believe me guys, it’s not pronounced the way u think it is).
It’s really gonna be dull without him next term..