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The Midterm Nightmare…

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Studies

Its already been about 40 days since i crossed the gates of IIM Indore into a world which I’ve always dreamt of. The past 6 weeks have been memorable to say the least. And I’ll make sure you get a view of it in the form of flashbacks.

But the recent happenings first… My first mid-term at Planet-I:3 days, 6 papers. For all the great brains out here (excuse me if I’m being a bit boastful) , these papers have been a real eye-opener. Who says a Supply curve or a Demand curve is the simplest part of economics…? Add a bit of consumer-preference and 2 professors’ brains, and you have the Economics Olympiad. The IT revolution has been so deep that it will haunt you even in Management. I’m not joking guys.. Management Information systems was a true nightmare. Most of us will probably just scrape through. I’m not going to bore you with any more details, but these papers are worth appreciating. A wake up call to all the PGP participants.You wanted the best’ve got it.
During these midterms, the funniest part has been peoples’ g-talk status messages. To quote a few –
“Now surprise quizzes seem much easier :)”
“First day of midterm…and I’m loving it…Kindly read the sarcasm in my lines”
“ye IT kyu hai”
“Why even try”
“Getting so much used to the indifference curve that it makes no difference anymore”
and my very own… “The Midterm nightmare continues”
I’m off to get a wink guys. Will keep you updated. And I’ll write again very soon. Just pray that tomorrow’s last 2 aren’t a full stop. 🙂