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Have you ever had so much on your mind that you just don’t know what all to speak about. Have you ever felt that thoughts are speeding through your mind at Mach 3 and your hands are just too slow to pen them down. If you have, then you know exactly how I’m feeling right now!

The last time I wrote (March 16) was like aaaaaaaages ago… There is so much in my mind that it would explode if I didn’t get it out, and so I’m back…. writing at 6 in the morning. No, I didn’t just get up…. I never slept! My friends would say, “Sounds just like Ravi”… Some others out here at IIM will say, “He’s gonna sleep through the whole of tomorrow.” Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury due to classes and assignments lined up for the next 6-7 days.

Anyway, let me come back to the overload in my mind… Third Term exams, Summer Internship, Short stint in Surat (with my sisters), My Birthday :-), June at the Hillock, etc.

I can hardly remember the last End Term exams… As I said, they were like a zillion years ago. 🙂 That makes one thing clear….. I’m not gonna speak about them. 🙂

I interned at Johnson & Johnson Medical during April-May in Mumbai. I guess that was the primary reason for my absence from blogosphere. Not that I was working my pants off, but well, what should I say, time jus flew by. JJMI (Johnson & Johnson Medical India) was like a dream come true. The best 2 months of corporate life any intern could hope for. A gr8 work culture, an awesome team of superiors and the best group of co-interns anyone could ask for – a true dream family! I hope you guys are interested in reading about those 2 months of mine, coz I’m gonna write about it even if you aren’t… 🙂 To keep the length of this post within limits, I’ll show you the flash back in another post.

The only thing which made the Summer of 09′ a bit sour was the fact that I didn’t get time to go to my home town, Udaipur. However, I did meet everyone in the family; some in Mumbai, some others in Surat. The Surat trip was like a 48 hour Marathon, one I wished could go on forever. I kept people awake till 5 AM on both days (even my very sleepy Jiju). I bet they cursed me afterwards. 🙂 One things for sure… This trip was a great example of – “Efficient utilization of time”.

Come June 8th and I stepped foot back at Planet I, only to learn that our hostel rooms had been shifted… what a way to welcome us back…. Anyways, I ended up as one of the luckier ones (Just got shifted from G316 to G315…. some 5 metres). There were loads of protests, HostelCom had a hell of a time and very few people actually shifted to their new rooms. The Administration just gave up finally. 🙂

The last one month has been gr8 in Indore. I actually had begun to miss this place ; even though I was having an awesome time in Mumbai (minus the bed bugs). With the Juniors on campus, there were many moments of nostalgia. Some sadness – that one year had just whizzed by, but some relief, “Thank god it’s over!”. The past month has seen the likes of His Holiness Dalai Lama on campus speaking about “Compassion and Non-violence” (I’ll speak about this in another post) in addition to many other speakers like Mr. M Damodaran and the US Consul General, Mr. Paul Folmsbee. Term 4 has also brought with it a great set of visiting faculty, Prof Rajesh Shrivastava being the pick of the lot. “A true mentor and a great Guru” (One more post will surely be dedicated to him..)

But that’s not all… IRIS has become āhvān, Sanjeevani has become Aarohan, Utsaha plans to go Rural, Prof VK Gupta has become Dean (Administration), many of my batchmates have gotten engaged, some others married…. How can anyone be in such a hurry?? 🙂
And of course, there are those things which never change – For example the boy:girl ratio in PGP!

Anyways, I’m gonna try and get a wink before the 08.45 class (even that has changed from the earlier 09.30). I hope my mind can rest it’s thinking process till then!

Coming Soon….. Summer of 09′ @ Johnson & Johnson Medical